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27 July 2010 @ 09:37 pm
Application to Join  
Welcome to the official application post for offthebox. If you'd like to participate in the challenges, please follow the guidelines below to apply for posting access. If you think you'd rather just watch, feel free to friend the community and vote in the challenges.

1. Please read the rules before applying. They're pretty easy to follow, and they're there for a reason.

2. Please introduce yourself in your post; let us know what you like to be called and where you post your icons.

3. Apply with 8 - 12 of what you think are your best icons from any fandom (or stock).

4. You must be accepted by at least two approvers (darlingbones, [Unknown LJ tag] & [Unknown LJ tag]). You'll then receive an invitation to join the community. You can check your invites here.

Please keep in mind when applying that the possibility exists that you may not be accepted.If you can't handle that, don't bother applying. We will of course provide reasons should this be the case, and you are welcome to apply again when you think you've improved, but throwing a fit will only get you banned.

We're not trying to be snobbish, but we would like to keep the entries above a certain skill level. Basically, we're looking for icon makers who are reasonably talented as well as creative, with a stronger emphasis on the latter. If you have further questions about our admittedly vague criteria, feel free to ask.