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Off the Box

An icontest for TV shows that are no longer in production

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Off the Box is an icon contest dedicated to television shows that are no longer producing new episodes. We aim to cover as much as possible in here, from classics to Saturday morning cartoons, sitcoms to science fiction, multi-season shows to ones that lasted only a handful of episodes, and everything in between.

There will be one challenge per week. That challenge can range from something as specific as screencaps from a particular episode of a TV show to a broad and open-ended theme like "darkness".

Membership is by invitation only, which means you must apply in order to participate. For more information about the application process, take a look at the rules below and our application post.

All shows not currently in production (cancelled, not renewed, faded into obscurity, better left in obscurity) are allowed. Check out our incomplete list for examples.

You have to be a member to participate in the challenges, but any registered LiveJournal user can vote. Please friend the community to keep updated on challenges and voting.

Membership is by invitation only. You have to apply to be given posting access. Please apply here. Do not join the community until you have received an invite from one of the mods.

Make the subject of your application your favourite cancelled TV show to indicate you've read the rules.

If you're not accepted, don't be discouraged. Feel free to apply again once you feel you have improved.

Challenges will run for 6 days, from Sunday to Friday, at which point voting will be posted and remain open for a period of about 24 hours. Sadly, life does happen from time to time, so it is possible that not all challenge, voting, and/or winners posts will be on time, but we will endeavour to do our best.

Submit your entries as a new post to the community. Be sure to include both IMG SRC and URL formats. Unless it is specified by the challenge, please also include the TV show your icon is from.

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a-team, alf, alias, alien nation, ally mcbeal, american dreams, andromeda, angel the series, animaniacs, are you being served, arrested development, babylon 5, batman, battlestar galactica, beverly hills 90210, birds of prey, blackadder, bonanza, boston public, boy meets world, buffy the vampire slayer, canceled shows, charmed, cheers, clone high, columbo, courage the cowardly dog, dark angel, dawson's creek, dead like me, deadwood, dexter's lab, dick van dyke show, do over, dragnet, drive, duckman, earth: final conflict, ed, eerie indiana, everwood, farscape, firefly, forever knight, frasier, freakazoid, friends, full house, futurama, get smart, gilligan's island, gilmore girls, hawaii five-o, hercules, highlander, home improvement, homicide, i dream of jeannie, invader zim, invasion, j.a.g., jake 2.0, joan of arcadia, keen eddie, keeping up appearances, knight rider, kung fu, la femme nikita, lexx, little house, lois & clark, lost in space, m*a*s*h, macgyver, mad about you, malcolm in the middle, maybe it's me, melrose place, miami vice, mighty morphin' power rangers, millennium, miss match, monty python, nash bridges, newsradio, northern exposure, nypd blue, ocean girl, once and again, pepper ann, pinky and the brain, pushing daisies, quantum leap, queer as folk, reba, reboot, recess, red dwarf, roar, roswell, sabrina the teenage witch, saved by the bell, scooby-doo, seaquest, seinfeld, sex & the city, sliders, space: 1999, space: above and beyond, spaced, spin city, sports night, st. elsewhere, st:ds9, st:ent, st:tng, st:tos, st:voy, star trek, stargate sg-1, step by step, sugar rush, swat kats, teen titans, tgaag, the american embassy, the district, the inside, the lone gunmen, the magnificent seven, the nanny, the o.c., the odyssey, the outer limits, the powerpuff girls, the pretender, the sentinel, the twilight zone, the west wing, the x-files, third rock, transformers, tv shows, vanished, vr.5, will & grace, wonderfalls, xena, young americans, zorro